Four enemies


Fear, Arrogrance, Authority and Old Age, are the four enemies of satisfication as described in Don Juan’s teachings.

Don Juan’s teaching is an interesting philosphy that has a lot of overlap with my philosphical model, and is also a fun book to read. Of the ideas covered in the book, The four enemy model is a unique articulate, presentation of the challenges on the path to satisifcation. Many of the other concepts in the book are already presented in my philosphical model, and so I provide translations.

The four enemies


  • The resistance - a desire to not do it.
  • Problem: Will stop trying because is afraid.
  • Solution: lean in, and battle till you realize there is nothing to be scared of.


  • Self Confidence, and ego
  • Problem: Won’t bother learning, or tackling new problems because thinks knows the solution. Will push others away
  • Solution: Only use ego and confidence when it is necessary otherwise be humble and patient, make room for others.


  • When you rely on authority, you stop using your principles, and stuff goes stuff.
  • Problem: Will abandon principles, and do what you want.
  • Solution: Only use authority when needed. Only use authority in alignment with principles, never else. Never let your authority get out of your control.

Old Age

  • Tired: Stop caring
  • Problem: Will stop wanting to do stuff
  • Solution: Push till you die.

Other concepts

Knowledge of Death is Strength

  • Death is always an arms length away - Remember this every day.
  • How can you feel important, when you see graveyards are filled with “important men”
  • Because you’ll die soon, will these petty thoughts matter?
  • When you think something is going wrong - ask death if it matters. It’ll say nope, not compared to death.

Take Responsibility

  • Know what you want and wait for it.
  • Suffering is in your head
  • Attachment is the cause of suffering.
  • Your body experiences emotions
  • Ponder and think before making a decision, but once made you are on the path. There’s a million new decisions to tackle.
  • Be neither idle nor in a hurry:
  • There are infinite ways to live, but not all align with your mission statement or your principles.

Ego is the Enemy

  • Ego is the enemy, how much time is wasted feeling offended or insulted. What a waste of time. Does it matter when dead?
  • The ego generates a subjective experience through self talk. Repeat self talk will repeat same actions

“Igor’s Philosophical Model” mapping to Don Juan

  • Fear is resistance
  • A path with heart is living by your principles.
  • Power = Inspiration + Confidence
  • Stopping the world: Meditation, Mindfulness