Magical memories

how igor ticks

Being a dealer of smiles and wonder is a priority in my life, and magic is my instrument. This post details my history and some highlights

Early magic memories

  • Never really saw magic as a kid, but love to be “amazed”. At a french bistro in Fremont, there was a roving magician. His finally was card to ceiling. Looked up and saw cards all over the ceiling.
  • At the table when Hannibal did Roadhouse and his perfect classic force.

How I started:

  • Carl Bystrom’s class at magic with a french drop jacket routine (great intro Carl - thanks!)
  • Not knowing how to shuffle and thus having to learn to shuffle till my fingers bled.
  • Meeting the emerald city wizards, and the first night with professional magicians.
  • Meeting Felix, and then Jarrod.
  • Meeting Clive

Magic Get Together

  • First Magic Conference - 3 of clubs
  • Second Magic Conference - MagiFest


  • Doing card to ceiling and the card still being on the ceiling at Microsoft a year later
  • Girl on the bus that loved my magic trick.
  • Girl at ice cream store who loved the trick, and jump up and down in a circle because it was so awesome.
  • Failure at park where 10 year old told me I got in wrong, but in fact I had done it correctly.
  • Ben’s son who carried the card around in his back pack for years.
  • Card to blouse for intern
  • Card across where thought I messed up with audience, but card stuck to guys ass
  • Giving out unicorn coins
  • Performing at Pike Place

Bar Magic

Usually I just get to watch Clive perform, but I’ll get my own videos here eventually:

School magic

Amelia’s always proud I do magic. I was at her Kindergarden party, and suddenly they let the kids out and I was sorrouned by 15 Kindergardeners who wanted to see magic. It was awesome! I did tricks for lots to them, had them write their names on cards, gave out rubber bands – was a wonderful experience.

Interview magic

  • Best ever - Interviewer was WFH over video.
    • Daughter crawls in, Mom try’s to shew her away.
    • I say, stop, watch.
    • Daughter stand ups, only mouth and nose in frame.
    • I get up and back palm.
    • Jaw drops.
    • Hard to beat that
  • Guy doing Full-CD said snap your fingers find the bug
  • Recruiters - Dream candidate and linked in
  • Good candidate - Dream Job
  • TODO something with distraction, or setup card to ceiling

Video Album

Family Magic

Amelia - Amelia starting to do brauve reverse with card turning over.

Zach - Making up his own card trick for woman waiting on the bus. -


  • Carl: How do you fix it? You fix it by doing it right!
  • Carl: Stop - practice does not make perfect. It makes permanent.
  • Carl: That’s great, except for the part you’re flailing.
  • Felix: Uhm, that’s OK, just practice another 9,997 times.
  • Felix, Oh, are you new at magic, maybe try a double lift.

Favorite Acts

Lennart Green - Superb Card Handling

Brian Gillis - Top shelf Sleight of Hand