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Physical Health

Personal Trainer

At 42 I got a personal trainer. Should have done it years ago. Several benefits;

  1. Externalized Motivation
  2. Externalized research.
  3. Can turn off brain, and PT tells you what to do so you don’t even have to think about exercises or count.

Calf Health

When I crossed 40 I went from easily running 4 miles hard and 20 mile bike rides to have my calfs lock up after 20 minutes of biking. I’ve tried various calf things here’s my current list:

  • Calf rocker I have the single and double, best, simple stretch
  • Neoprene Calf Sleeves I’ve tried socks but they are a pain to get on, and not adjustable. These things wrap on, keep you warm, and are wonderful. Highly recommend.

Knee Health

Lots of sleeves out there, I recommend the most flexible one that provides the pain relief. For me that:

Booger Health

For much of my 30’s I had a brutal hacking cough. At 41, those coughs were causing me to pull out my shoulder muscles so I decided to take Flonase (I knew it was post nasal drip). I started taking Flonase, and I’m blown away by not coughing up a hairball.

Skin Health

I suffer from Eczema, which I normally ignore. I took some of my son’s topical steroids, and I kid you not, it cleared up in 2 days.

I also have dry skin, so use O’Keeffe’s which is awesome.

Wrist Health

Several braces for different times

Standing Desks

Gym Stuff

With age comes the need for more accouterments

  • Headphones
  • Dry bag for iPad
  • Eye Drop (Blink)
  • Shaving Kit
  • Netflix downloaded shows

Under Desk Exercise Equipment

I don’t use this, but it’s under my desk. The day I got it and used it, I decided it was a good idea and I should use it more often.

Emotional Health


I used to have a complex meditation routine, which was very “focused”, but had too much complexity. I skipped it and now use headspace, and do it slouching in a chair. Huge improvement.

Also, if you’re interested in why start meditating, read “Search Inside Yourself”


I meditate kneeling (Seiza) and have two benches. Meditation benches are over priced, but if it improves my emotional health (and it’s supposed to) it’s worth it.

Even though this is folding, this is my permanent bench:

This is my portable bench, it’s smaller, but less stable, but it does the job:


I’ve been seeing a therapist weekly since my early 30’s. It provides me several benefits.

  • A chance to introspect, and reflect on what’s on my mind.
  • A chance to get some analytic analysis over my emotions.
  • A cathardic release
  • Access to a less distorted (it’s still subject to my inputs) view of my reaity.
  • An early reminder for when my world view is getting both too positive, and too negative.
  • Coaching on relationship based discussion
  • A constant reminder of the importance of my emotional health
  • A historical remidner of previous states

Cognitive Health


Weekly goals

Identity Health

Eulogy Writing

Personal Carry

Fanny Pack

Don’t get me started on the perfect fanny pack. My current favorite is below. It’s very tactical looking - but have to start somewhere.

Gym Bag

I often stuff the gym bag in a larger bag so small matters - I use:

Work Bag

It’s taken me several tries, but I’ve concluded I like the smallest bag possible. I use a 13” macbook pro laptop and an iPad Pro 10” and this is the perfect bag for me:

There’s also the horizontal version - which is slightly bigger but also nice:


I love not driving. Biking is an awesome form of transit. It took a while but I concluded I have several use cases so need several bikes. In fact,

Bike accouterments

Biking on my blog

Car Tech

I’ve gotten 3 cheap pieces of aftermarket tech that transformed my car to awesomeness:

  • Remote car starter - ~ 200$ and you can start your car from the house so that it’s warm and toasty when you get in.
  • Wireless Air Play - ~ 500$. OMG - having CarPlay (especially on iOS 13) without plugging in your phone - wow!
  • Back up Camera ~ 30$. OMG - Hard to believe I went years without one.

Morning Routine

At my best, I roll out of bed either when my eyes open or at 5am, what ever comes first.

I also love getting my morning hug from my kids, but now that Zach’s older (9), I’m down to just getting the hugs from Amelia - who is 5.

Weekend morning routine

On the weekends, the gym opens at 8, so it’s essential I drink my coffee in my home office chair so I work on whatever is most important to me, often reading or writing. At 7:30 it’s time to drag my but to the gym.

Post gym I’ll either hit the coffee shop to do some more writing, or head home to spend the day with my family.

Weekday morning routine

At my best, I roll out of bed either when my eyes open or at 5am, what ever comes first.

The gym opens at 5:30, and I try to be there by 6. After my work out, I often chillax with my next priority being walking the kids to school. Walking the kids to school has surprisingly been a major quality of life improvement for a very small impact to my day.

Morning Kryptonite

I have two common failure modes to my morning routine.

  • Starting my day by sitting in my easy chair drinking my coffee. This mindless activity has me skipping those things that are important to me.
  • Hitting snooze when my alarm goes off. The worst of all words, not sleeping, and not being up and doing stuff.
  • Lying in bed awake when I wake up before 5. Sometimes I wake up and can’t fall back asleep @ 3 or 4 (which isn’t crazy cuz sometimes I go to bed @ 7 or 8). Similar to hitting snooze, I’m not sleeping, and I’m not accomplishing anything.


  • iPhone Pro
  • iPad Pro
  • Apple Pencil
  • Bluetooth Folding Split Keyboard
  • AirPod Pros
  • Bose 900 - Retired for the AirPod Pros
  • Foam Tips for AirPod Pros - highly recommend if you’re used to foam tips.
  • iPad stand.


  • Huawei Matebook X (Essentially Windows Macbook clone):w
  • Macbook Pro (usually at work)
  • Ancient Desktop (upgrade coming)


  • 34” wide screen - not a huge fan. Good for wide screen movies (but Netflix/YouTube rarely has this resolution)
  • 40” 3840x2160 - Awesome, I love it! Highly recommend


I ended up getting an m200 because a time of purchase it was the only cheap cannon with clean HDMI output. I’d have prefered the m50, but it didn’t have clean HDMI output which was a deal breaker. My use case is mostly video recording or webcamming on a tripod, but I’ll take it out of the house occasionally.

Canon m200 - Not ideal, but the only m-series with clean HDMI out. Biggest gaps - 1) No MF button 2) 4K sucks 3) A bit too small for SLR lenses

HDMI to USB - Be glad I found this, I took several tries to find one that was good.

Fake Battery Weird, it’s like it’s the early 2000s

Very good lens - F2.0/22mm - Pancake lens for the win. A bit too wide for a webcam that’s behind your monitor

Awesome Lens - F1.4/30mm - Super expensive, but awesome bokeh with a reasonable zoom works great at 2 feet.

Wrist Strap - Wrist straps much better then neck strap.

Stream Deck - Sounds silly but awesome for controlling OBS. Probably worth it’s own post.

Bags - who knows!