Humans are underrated

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As robots become better then humans at most things, what roles will be left for humans? What skills are required for those roles? Empathizing, collaborating, leading,and building relationships.

The top roles for humans will be:

  • Places we want a human to be accountable (judge, lawyer, politician).
  • Places we need to solve problems for a group of humans (what should our mission be)
  • Places we want to talk a human (expert to talk to, leader to inspire, coworker to story tell with, person to negotiate with)

The top skills for humans will be:

  • Empathizing
  • Collaborating
  • Leading
  • Story telling
  • Buiding Relationships

Two assumptions need for this future. If assumptions are false, it’s game over:

  • Humans are in charge of economy and the world.
  • Perfect imitation of humans won’t exist for 200 years.