Seven Habits: A manual for life

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Ever wish you had a user manual for your life? Imagine how reassuring it would be to know you can look up your difficulties in the table of contents, and read the chapter on how to solve your problem. For me, that manual is the The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and it contains a model which I apply to many of my personal and professional problems and goals.


I use the concepts in this book as the basis of my self improvement and coaching. To help me internalize the 7 habits, I’m creating video summaries of the key concepts.

The habits are the basis of many self improvement books which often zoom into a specific habit. Here are the habits and the books I’ve read which are the “deep dive”:

0. Intro

Inside Out

To change the situation, change ourselves We transform from the inside out. Change how we think, then change how we act and how we succeed.

Charector vs Personality Ethic

Our integrity, vs our salesman ship

Pardigm - rabbit vs duck

Subjective vs Objective - Carrier vs Lighthouse

Thoughts, Actions, Habits, Charector, Life

Depednant, Independant, Interdependant

Sow a thought, reap an action. Sow and action reap a habit, sow a habit, reap a charector, sow a charector rep our destiny.

Effectiveness, P/PC Balance

Assets: Physical, Financial, Human

Map vs Terrain

Teach others to teach yourself

How we “see” the problem, because our subjective problem.

Around and around - Feedback loop

1. Be Proactive

See ourselves - indpendant of feeling and mood and others

Time between stimulus and response

Freedom to choose the response

Carry a bubble of our own emotions

Initiatve - Our responsiblity to make things happen

Act or be acted upon

Reactive vs Proactive Language - I have to vs I choose

Love verb vs noun

CI/CC - Circle of Influence/Circle of Concern

Growing our CI

Keeping Commitments - our most valuable PC

Two ends, action and conseqeunce, pick action, get consequence.

1. Books

2. Being with the end in mind


3. First things first


4. Seek win, win


5. Seek First To Understand, then to be understood.


6. Synergize


7. Sharpen the saw