565AZ - Yummy snowstorms

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Snow, food, and taking it easy, it’s been a quiet week!

We had a major snow storm, which is super rare for Seattle, and always lots of fun! The kids loved it - and went sledding down our hill, and at the arboretum.

I loved being in my hot tub during the snow ! Sadly, the canopy didn’t make it (I think, will do a detailed investigation once the snow melts).

Zach was very excited about having a giant steak - so we got tomahawks!

We’ve been eating healthier, check out the Cobb salad Tori made. And to balance it out, Zach made ice cream!

Lastly, Amelia has been working on her no hands computer use!

In house news, we’ve got a survey, are finishing up a re-fi, and will be meeting the architect shortly.

Have a great week, and remember - Lots of snow, Outside Go! – ZiaT!