566AZ - Breaking isolation, our first out of the house vacation since the pandemic started!

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After one year of not leaving the house, we finally decided to leave the house and get a cottage! Tori did an incredible job organizing the trip, including finding a house with a view, thinking about day trips and having an incredible menu.

It was awfully cold outside and we wanted smore’s, so oven smore’s it was!

Right now, Amelia is at that magical age where she’s learning to read, and she can finally see the words everywhere. She’s also able to pick up my iPad and read some of my comics. It’s so satisfying to see all her hard reading work pay off!

Amelia is also being quite knowledgable at romance. A few of her romance tips:

  • You and Mom never do kissies. Maybe the day you got married and that’s it
  • You and Mom need to go on a date.
  • What?! No Dad, Mom doesn’t buy you stuff, you need to buy stuff for Mom.

One of the worst parts of the pandemic for me personally has been not doing magic. I can practice, but without the feedback loop of performance, I basically stopped practicing magic back in November. Thankfully this last week I started practicing again, and while at a vacation home, my strong memories of continuous practice kicked in and I practiced a bunch, similarly on the ferry I practiced a bunch. Felt great, need to keep that up.

And it’s easier now that the days are longer, the vaccine is rolling out, and you can get good KN-95 masks. I’m getting rather upbeat as I’m starting to internalize 3 or 4 more months, and we’ll be back to a lot closer to normal. Might even get to go into the office! Just like everyone else, very much looking forward to it!!

Have a great week, and remember - Get out of the house,so you don’t grouse! – ZiaT!