567AZ - Coming out of hibernation

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The other day, I was walking in the backyard, and saw our first daffodil. It’s been a long year due to the corona virus, but the end is now in sight. Vaccines are here and being distributed, people are wearing masks, the days are getting longer and the flowers are poking through.

We’re restarting our family activities. Tori took us out for a Purim treasure hunt this weekend. It was a bit of challenge, but after a year off of out of the house family activities, we’re rusty at it, exactly what you’d expect. I like to say family activities are a muscle, just like physical activities. Just like you get weak if you don’t exercise, and you’re sore if you haven’t done it for a while, family time can be a challenge when you’re rusty. Anyway, excited to be back on the activity band wagon.

Speaking of gym, I have a new trainer who I’m enjoying, and on Sunday we ended up working out at the park. It was cold, but super cool to see some folks getting engaged, and an awesome view.

I’ve been practicing magic a bit more, which is good, once stuff opens up I’ll be ecstatic to start doing tricks.

Amelia has graduated from her supported reading program, and is now back to regular reading, and honestly I’d say she’s now an advanced reader. Amelia worked super hard, I spent a bunch of time working on it with her, but at this point, I think it’s the pleasure of reading in the world that’s carrying her forward, and I’ll say with some guilt, the ability to read video games and text in youtube videos.

One of Tori’s cool projects is the fish pavers. She’s been mastering the color blending. Rumor is royal purple is up next.

Zach’s always looking to make a buck, and realized making dinner is a lot more profitable then chores so he made us steak and potatos. Now a days he’s getting paid in “mommy bucks”, which have a pretty good exchange rate.

Have a great week, and remember Have no fear, spring is here – ZiaT!