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iOS and iPadOS tips

I spent a LOT of time on my iPhone/iPad - here are some of the tools/tips I use.


Global Controls (For iPhone X)

  • Goto Launcher - Right Ear -> Swipe Right
  • Goto Control Panel - Left Ear -> Mid screen
  • Screen Capture - Power and Volume Up
  • Screen Capture Video - Control Panel Round dot (enable through configuration)
  • Siri -> Hold Power
  • Hey Siri -> A better way to launch Siri
  • Scroll to top of page -> press on time
  • Reboot -> Volume up then Volume down, then press side button for 10 seconds.

Siri (For iPhone X)




Health Kit

  • QS Access - Allow you to export your health data in tabular format - pretty nice.
  • Sleep cycle - Smart wake up alarm.
  • Heart Watch - Crazy level of detail on your heart rate.
  • Auto Sleep - Watch based sleep tracking.


  • Take picture by pressing volume up.
  • Hey Siri take a selfie
  • App: LightX



  • Just press record - Keep full voice recording (not just transcription)
  • Fantastical - Best Calendar app - period.
  • Magic Launcher - Cool idea, app launch from widget menu.
  • Dark Sky - Micro weather
  • Bear - Writing tool
  • LightX - photo editor with magic wand.


I use chrome instead of safari since it synchronizes my passwords and my open tabs. Chrome gestures:


Back/Forward - Swipe Left/Right from page edge Switch tabs - Swipe Left/Right on address bar. Refresh Tab - Pull top of page down. Close Tab - Pull top of page down and to right New Tab - Pull top of page down and to left

Keyboard: Test if these work!topic/chrome/fiR1lQ0mpbw;context-place=forum/chrome


A launch center which can execute URLs best use case is from a today widget.


Automate common tasks - like send text to person (which can be added as a share extension) and send last screen shot to person. Can also add “shortcuts” to launcher.


Here are my favorite watch apps:

Next appointment - Fantastical Exercise/Heart rate monitor - Heart Watch Smart Wake up - Auto Wake Weather - Dark Sky

A great feature on the watch folks don’t know about is multiple watch faces. I use one face for off work (photos), one for work (calendar view), and one for sleeping (smart alarm clock view)

Augmented Reality Apps

  • IKEA: Put IKEA furniture in your room.
  • Magic Plan: Determine floor plan interactively.
  • Light-Space: Paint in AR
  • AR Dragon: Play with a toy dragon



  • My recommended writing application.
  • Synchronized audio playback and writing
  • Nice iCloud syncing
  • Google Drive PDF creation
  • Excellent Hand Writing Recognition and search.
  • Side by side page view

Notes Plus

I now recommend using Notability, however a few places where Notes Plus still has superior features:

  • Prettiest Render
  • Smart Gestures (Scratch to erase, deduce shape)


  • Best cross platform app
  • Hand writing in native, but it’s meh compared to the others

Adobe Sketch

  • My favorite drawing app - nice intuitive controls
  • Nice ink


  • I haven’t actually used it, but apparently it can turn photos into vector graphics (pretty cool)


  • Augmented drawing. Cool idea you can draw connected diagrams and move them around, but it feels great for a demo, but doesn’t actually work well yet.


  • Google Keyboard - lets you use a swype like gesture
  • Stylus - lets you write by actually writing on the screen (similar to windows ink)

Keyboard Shortcuts

W-S-3 - Take screen shot Long press W - See supported key strokes (varies per app)

Doing development including markdown

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