Copied from my GitHub techdiary


I no longer recommend mosh. It hasn’t been updated in years, and it still doesn’t support true color. I use ssh with tmux and an auto tmux reconnection script instead

I want to do remote development on linux, the best way to do this is mosh (instead of ssh). It’s better because:

1) Lower latency
2) Reconnects to session.

Setup on iOS

  • Install Blink
  • Copy public key to clipboard, and mail it to yourself to install into the AMI @ ssh

Setup on Server (AMI)

  • sudo yum install mosh
  • In AWS console open UDP ports 60000-61000
  • Copy in the AWS public key
  • Paste into the clipboard thing on the bottom.
  • Then right click will work to paste

General Lightsail setup (To move to setup linux)

   sudo yum update
   sudo yum install git tig zsh most

   # Install settings
   cd ~
   git clone

   # Setup authorized keys for ssh access
   vim ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

Install on WSL

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:keithw/mosh-dev sudo apt-get install mosh