Staying warm

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Staying warm is important, here’s the gear I use on and off the bike

Staying warm in general

I get cold lots, here are some of the products I use to stay warm.

USB Hand Warmers - It’s pretty awesome to be able to warm up your hands in a jiffy. It doubles as a battery charger as well. They also come in a larger size, I haven’t decide which size I like more, but I always have a pair in my pants - they are awesome.

Mattress Pad Heater - Don’t know what this? Buy one know, kiss me later.

Gloves For Sorta ColdPearl iZUMi Cyclone GloveI wear these as my winter gloves as well as bike gloves. They are not water proof. Gloves need to fit you so make sure to try these on at a store before ordering online.

Gloves For Cold or Wet - Pearl Izumi Men’s AmFIBGlove;  They are bulky, if it’s not soaking or cold out, I’d much rather wear the cyclones. Gloves need to fit you so make sure to try these on at a store before ordering online. These gloves come in both 4 and 3 finger versions.

Thermal Compression Top/Pants - Sub Sports - A skin tight thin, breathable warming layer. If you’ve never used a compression fabrics before they are weird, but they breathe, and keep you warm with no bulk.

Insulated Pants - A bit heavy, but it’s like heaven on earth. If you’re male, check ‘em out.

Warm fleece over - A bit bulky and rough material at the shoulders aside, it’s the warmest fleece I’ve ever owned. I wear it daily.

Staying warm on the bike

I keep getting asked for winter bike gear recommendations so here is my list.   This stuff is expensive, but awesome. When you’re on a 50 mile bike ride in the dark Seattle rain you’ll be glad you bought the good stuff instead of the cheap crap  like your friend who quit biking. Each of these products has been through 100’s maybe even a 1000  miles with out fail (except my gloves which I often lose).

Waterproof Jacket - If you’re feeling poor the REI Stratos Jacket. If you’re feeling rich the Shower Pass Elite.  If you’re feeling rich and want a jacket to use while off the bike, check out the Shower’s Pass Refuge.

Bike Tights -Pearl iZUMi Men’s AmFIB Cycling Tight  - sure you look a little fruity, but I guarantee you, everyone who’s serious is wearing these.

Bike Rain Pants - If I don’t want to wear tights and it’s raining I’ve got the shower pass club convertible, they’re the best I’ve found, but I don’t love them since the length doesn’t work for me.

Toe Covers - These work pretty well to keep your feet warm. They’re easy to lose track of though.